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Best prices for used engine rebuilding Equipment

We sell a variety of used or refurbished engine rebuilding equipment and tooling. Our inventory of equipment is in many locations across the United States. We may have what you need close to your location for a quick delivery. We carry or can find many of the major brands like Ammco, Berco, Kwik Way, Rottler, Sunnen, Van Norman, Scledum, Serdi and Storm Vulcan. We specialize and carry a large number of Sunnen products. We are constantly looking for equipment to keep our inventory complete to cover your needs. If you are looking to start or update a machine shop we can get you the equipment needed from engine block boring, grinding crankshafts or remanufacturing heads. If you are looking to trade in or sell some of your equipment and tooling please contact us. We can also provide you with the specialized tooling needed to perform a high quality job such as used or refurbished Sunnen precision measuring tools and Sunnen mandrels.

What ever your equipment needs are please contact us for availability and a quote.

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